We arrange our roosters and hens into various breeding sets and the hatching eggs produced are all included in our Assorted Eggs that we sell.  Each rooster usually has a maximum of 4 hens, to increase the chances of fertilization.  Sets are based on a number of factors including color, conformation and honestly, how well they get along.  However, Serama chickens do NOT always breed true to color and type! 

We are not chicken geneticists and there's tons of information online about eumelanin and phaeomelanin (chicken pigmentation) and the probability factors of chicken pairing offspring.  We revert to the basics and say the offspring chicks can look like: a)momma or poppa, b) momma and poppa or c) a throwback to either of the grandparental lineage.  Our blog post "Siblings - Believe it or Not" is a great visual reference.  At the end of the day, our goal is to simply produce beautiful and healthy birds!

Our Serama Roosters

Platinum is a blue with brown leakage smooth Serama with a near 95% vertical stance!  His golden mane is a beautiful contrast to his base color.  Outstanding confirmation and a showstopper wherever he goes.

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President Blanco is a multi award winning , true white Serama frizzle.  He has won 1st place in his category EIGHTEEN times at various shows, and has outstanding confirmation.  President Blanco is a true champion of champions!

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President Blanco

Dazzle is a breath taking, multi-color Serama frizzle that is stunning to behold.  Very unique coloration! 


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Cordon Bleu is a rare and beautiful Blue Serama silkie, with an almost violet hue.    


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Cordon Bleu

Avalanche is a diluted white Serama smooth, with a big barrel chest.  Absolutely beautiful. 


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Sgt. Pepper is a black and white Serama silkie, with variations of brown on his feather tips.  One of our proudest walking soldiers, the other chickens salute him as he passes by!


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Sgt. Pepper

Regal Onyx is a black with orange leakage, traditional feathered smooth Serama.  Traces of metallic emerald green is an overcoat on his base black feathers.  Exceptional feather quality and Taylor Grady lineage!


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Regal Onyx

Angel is our micro sized (AA) frizzled Serama and RNK Farms' "mascot of cuteness".  Angel is now full grown and just a little bigger than a can of soda!  Occasionally, micros and tribbles (Silkied Ball Seramas) are born in our breeding program.  Angel's beauty and personality "forced" us to start a breeding program around him.  We will keep the community updated on Angel's breeding program developments. 


Our Serama Hens 

Below are pictures of just a few of our beautiful hens

Sprite is our stunning Coco Pop with a unique feather pattern and coloration.


SnowWhite is a beautiful, true white, Serama frizzle, with cloud like feathers that are wispy plumes.  SnowWhite is the sister of 18x 1st place champion President Blanco, and is one of the hens in Avalanche's breeding set.   



(President Blanco's sister)

Fiona is a stunning blue and black splash.  Fiona's eggs are part of the Assortment Egg Set for sale. 



Peaches is a gorgeous golden caramel Serama with wonderful confirmation.  Peaches' eggs are included in the Assortment Egg Set for sale. 



Oreo is a beautiful black & white Exchequer.  Oreo's eggs are part of the Assortment Egg Set for sale. 



Lady Godiva is a beautiful light to dark chocolate Serama with pure white splashes.  Lady Godiva's eggs are part of the Assortment Egg Set for sale. 


Lady Godiva

We are updating our site and will be posting additional pictures soon.  Keep checking back!


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